Interactive White Board

Children these days do not learn as how we used to learn in the olden days, now they are privileged to have the opportunity to learn through an Interactive White Board.  This is a technological innovation for the classroom, where children get to learn interactively by writing/touching the screen.


Science Lab

Children get to perform some simple science experiments to enhance their understanding of science concepts in our very own science lab.  They will also have the opportunity to observe and handle some live creatures in our habitat corner.



Our well-stocked library is an essential area within our academy whereby it provides our teachers and students the opportunity to browse through our valuable and meaningful children books.  Our library is designed in a conducive and comfortable settings, providing our children with the right environment to learn.


Gym Area

It is imperative for our children to have physical exercise and teachers will setup gym mats and related items for our children to develop their cognitive, physical and motor skills in a safe and guided environment.


Kitchen Facilities

Being a chef or baker in Kids Academy is an easy feat especially when the academy is equipped with all the necessary apparatus and tools for our cooking class.  We allow our children opportunity to try baking by themselves while being supervised by experienced teacher.



1, Jalan Puteri 10/2, Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 03-8060 6300 / 012-987 1900


Petaling Jaya (PJ)

793, Jalan 17/22,

46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7932 4900 / 012-269 4900


 You are highly encouraged to call us before coming over to ensure you are being attended to during your visit.  Thank you.



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