Our Programs

  • The PLAYGROUP curriculum is specially designed for our 2 to 3 years old children and is focused on exploratory experiences where we emphasize on stimulation through play.  In addition, they will also learn discovery through inquiry while developing fine and gross motor skills through physical activities.  Our children are given the opportunities to develop communication skills as well as expression of thought and feeling through art.  As most playgroup children would be going through their first school experience, this curriculum aims to launch them into a journey of learning and discovery and acquaint them with social experiences.

    • Learn through play
    • Be curious about new physical and social settings
    • Explore their surroundings and materials with confidence
    • Acquire and practise motor skills in a conducive and safe environment
    • Focus their attention on activities and develop listening skills
    • Communicate and interact with their peers and teachers
    • Acquire pre-Math and pre-reading skills

    The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) curriculum is designed for our 4 years old children and concentrates on promoting discovery through inquiry. It builds upon the learning experiences of the playgroup years as well as the core skills that the children have acquired. There is an introduction to integrated learning experiences through using play as a tool for purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. Our children will learn about number awareness and provide exposure to early numeracy concepts. Using a structure curriculum, our children will be introduced to phonics and reading skills systematically.

    The general program objectives for nursery children are for them to be able to:

    • Display self-control and confidence in relating to others
    • Practise and refine their motor skills
    • Develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns and working in teams
    • Exhibit receptive and expressive language
    • Develop early Math and reading skills
    • Focus and channel attention to tasks
    • Express their feelings and thought through different artistic media
    We offer approved KINDERGARTEN program, complying to our National Preschool Curriculum Standard (KSPK) for children aged between 5 to 6 years old. We incorporate many learning approaches for children to have fun while learning. We do not focus only on academics but build their character along the way.

    At Kids Academy, our inquisitive children are kept fully engaged in a developmentally appropriate environment where teaching, learning and play are well balanced to achieve optimal physical, mental, social and emotional development.

    We prepare our preschoolers who are age appropriate to attend private, international and Chinese-medium primary schools. With the need for learning in a real world context, our curriculum is specially designed based on meaningful and related themes for the children.

  • Enrichment Program

    This is a 2 year program that would cover 96 weeks of lessons that focuses on teaching preschool children age 3 to 6 years old to use creativity, communication and critical thinking skills.

    Offers as an optional program but within the schooling hours, FasTracKids focuses on the process of learning (how) as well as the content of the lessons (what). Each of the lessons explains the how and what of the 12 different subjects, prompting children to ask Why?

    Using the revolutionary Interactive Learning Station, children can explore 12 subjects ranging from Astronomy, Biology, Economics to subjects not usually taught in early childhood (Speech, Drama, Earth Science and Creative Literature) or primary schools.

    Besides learning these enrichment knowledges, they will have the exposure of doing public speaking and presentation while being corrected by the teacher on using proper English grammar and complete sentences.

    Today, thousands of children in more than 40 countries have participated in FasTracKids program. This program has been honoured the “Best of the Best” in the children’s enrichment education category.

  • Extended Program

    With popular demands from our existing parents and enquiring prospects, Kids Academy now also provide after school care services for children from the age of 2 to 6 years old.

    We understand that every child is unique and special, hence he/she should be given the opportunity to be nurtured towards his/her highest potential in the right environment. The professional staff in Kids Academy aim to provide exemplary child care to the children under our care in a safe, secure and happy environment that would give you the peace of mind while you are at work.

    In our After School Care program, the children do not just nap, they do more – there are a line-up of activities, including homework guidance (for older children) during this time.

    Our experienced staffs look forward to give your child a fulfilling and enriching experience in our centre.

    During the major school holidays, Kids Academy will be offering many exciting and fun weekly holiday programs for children.

    We strive to make each of our school holiday programs/camps unique and informative. Throughout the program, children will get to learn about the concepts and enrich their knowledge through our Interactive white board, art & craft, associated field trips as well as entertaining games and activities. Do feel free to contact us if you wish to have more information or for registration

    We have conducted so many holiday programs and are pleased to mention that none of the titles were repeating since 2010. Contact us here for more information on our ever-informative and fun holiday programs.

    Instead of assembling Lego-bricks or robot parts, children aged 2 to 6 will learn how to do basic coding and programming through age-appropriate coding toys and specific software, familiarizing children with introductory elements of algorithmic and problem-solving thinking.

    Our exclusive Robotics coding program is integrated into the syllabus and is offered to all our students. The responses from our students and compliments from parents are great testaments of how much fun and engaging this program has been.

    We have also made our program available online, yes you can let your child attend preschool at the comfort of your home! Introducing our specially created Online Preschool Program and it is conducted by a native English speaker teacher who is based in overseas. Yes, your child will learn Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics, Story Telling, Songs, Crafts and so much more! The best part is you will be paying in our local currency!

    Contact us for more information.

    LIVE Interaction

    • – Get to speak and interact with a native English speaker, improve listening and speaking skills
    • – Teacher can correct inaccurate usage on the spot
    • – Get rid of the common grammar mistakes and local suffixes, e.g. lah, leh, loh, mah
    • – Tip sharing on improving the writing skills with rich contents

    Learning Focus

    • – Fully understand what they are learning with guidance on comprehension.
    • – Not only learn academic but practical English!

    Small Group Size

    • – Lessons are conducted in a small group setting to ensure effective learning among the students

    Key Features

    • – Lessons will be recorded for revision purposes
    • – Usage of app for communication between teacher and students and allow tracking by parents on the progress